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Our Company and Team

The Company

Founded in 1997 in the shadows of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, NOVUS Professional Services was built from the beginning on three cornerstones:

Focus on Clients

In any good business, the customer comes first – and NOVUS is no exception.

Focus on Consultants

Our consultants are selected from the top talent available in the marketplace.

Focus on Technology

NOVUS is a technology company. From software development and integration to technical project management.

Our client list includes both Fortune 500 companies as well as aspiring startups – and both tiers command our full attention to their needs. We treat each client with the respect they deserve, with the understanding that there is no shortage of contracting firms out there vying for their attention. The greatest compliment our consultants are paid is when a client says they thought our people were ‘their people,’ due to the dedication to the client’s needs.

Our consultants face a rigorous screening process before we put them in front of a client. Not just anyone can make it, but for those who do, they are rewarded with market-beating compensation, generous benefits, and incentives to help both our clients and NOVUS. We believe that a professional who is not respected and well taken care of cannot give their best performance to our clients.

NOVUS consultants provide our clients with the technical expertise they need to thrive in our ever more connected world. Telecom underlies so much of what we take for granted today – from the lowly landline telephone that started it all to the always-on Internet connectivity of our various devices. Network complexity is growing exponentially, and there is a shortage of capable talent to help telecom companies design next generation solutions, provision and maintain networks, and bill customers for services.

NOVUS is certified as a Veteran-Owned Enterprise by both the National Veterans Business Development Council (NVBDC) and the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA)

The Team

Jerome Nowosatko, MBA

Jerome Nowosatko, MBA

CEO and Founder

Over 30 years of experience
Certified Project Manager
US Army Veteran

Robert Alexander, MBA

Robert Alexander, MBA

Business Development Executive

Over 30 years of experience
Certified Project Manager
US Air Force Veteran